He has long believed that if you can master the roads in Ireland you can race anywhere in the world and Joe has raced in many ‘far away’ places. read more...

The Team Joe Barr 200 and The Joe Barr 500 have grown out of Joe’s desire to showcase what Ireland has to offer the endurance cyclist.

If you want to explore what lies beyond Sportive riding then the 200-mile course is for you.

If you’re ready for a tougher, longer distance or if you want to participate in the World Ultra-Cycling Association 500-mile, European and World Championship then The Joe Barr 500 is for you.

Joe has personally designed both of these courses to take you off familiar routes and onto the wild and lonely roads that have fueled, and still fuel, his life long passion for cycling.

Both routes will test all aspects of endurance racing.

Consider these races a personal invitation from Joe to come and experience the unique challenge that only Irish roads can bring the endurance cyclist.

Joe and the team look forward to meeting you all.

The World Ultra-Cycling Association (WUCA) has accredited both races.